At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

If you’ve ever struggled with getting white teeth, we have a fix for you! And guess what? You can do it all straight from your couch! Read more below and keep your eyes open for a GIVEAWAY!

Hello Loves! Confession… I have yellow teeth. There! I admitted it! No matter how hard I brushed or what toothpaste I bought, my teeth would never get white. And I absolutely hate it! I mean, how is a busy, young professional supposed to hold meetings and presentations if I’m not confident about my smile? As I continued to parade through life smizing (no teeth needed) I knew I couldn’t continue my life like this especially if I wanted to also enjoy the dirty chai or the glass of wine with dinner option.

I looked everywhere for a product that would whiten my teeth without imposing on my lifestyle and recently I was approached by Smile Brilliant to address what I’m calling “Yellowgate” and the results have blown me away!

Affordable Teeth Whitening

I admit, at first I was a little skeptical. I’ve tried various toothpastes and even whitening strips (which literally would not stay on my teeth) and none of them were giving me that bright white smile I wanted. I mean zero, nada. So when Smile Brilliant reached out to collaborate I figured “Why not?”, “What’s the worst that can happen?”…

And literally the BEST thing happened! Within a few uses, I already saw results! But let’s start from the beginning before the final reveal.

It starts off by Smile Brilliant sending you an easy to use, at-home impressions kit which that takes molds of your teeth. You mix the paste up, put it in the tray, then insert the tray in your mouth. Super simple and easy. If you remember having braces, it’s like getting molded for your retainer but a lot easier and without the weird dentist smell (and gagging on the goop *breathes through mouth*).

Next, you go ahead and send them back to the company and in a few days (speed of light really), they’ll send you your impressions and you’re off on your whitening journey!Whiter Teeth at Home

In the box, you receive a few syringes of whitening gel, a sensitivity gel (if you have sensitive teeth like me), and of course your impressions and instructions. I mean this process was so easy anyone could do it. And with the results, it’s a no brainer!

Initially, I was worried that I would have to make time to stop what I was doing and whiten. But that wasn’t the case at all. I would put the gel on, pop in my impressions, and whiten while I wrote a blog post in the evening, or ran errands on the weekend for a bit. You only need to whiten for about 45 min – 3 hours (max!) about 7-10 times to get your results going. Essentially, you could start seeing results fairly soon if you’re consistent.At Home Teeth Whitening

The thing I love most about Smile Brilliant is the fact that it’s made Just. For. Me. I mentioned that I’ve tried strips before but they would slide off 100% of the time. Why would I keep paying for something that didn’t work and the results were meh? Now, having my own, custom-fitted tray, I know they aren’t going anywhere. Whether I’m writing or working, they stay on and I barely notice them!

Before & After

So who’s going to get whiter teeth with me? It could be you since we’re giving ONE away for a lucky winner! Click the link here for a chance to win your own set PLUS we’re also treating you to 20% off trays by entering this code: classiccitychic20 

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Let’s get those teeth white and bright!

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