The Best Alternative to Salon Manicures-First Impressions

Most of us love a good manicure. However, sometimes we’re too busy to wait around a salon for hours to be serviced or we’re putting ourselves on a strict budget and cutting out”luxury expenses”. If you fit into either of those categories you’ll want to read this post on the best alternative to salon manicures I’ve found thus far!

Hello Lovelies!

I hope everyone is staying warm in this frigid weather! I wanted to share something beauty related with you guys that I think you’ll love! This all started when I was preparing for New Year’s Eve festivities and putting together my look for the evening. I bought a gold dress and I wanted a standout manicure to match my whole “golden lady” theme I was going for. I cut back on getting salon manicures about a year ago to help save money. I used to get my nails done every two weeks but now I save it for special occasions or a “treat yoself” day (Did you catch the Parks and Rec reference??). New Year’s Eve counted as a special occasion so I considered going to a salon to achieve my desired look. Simple right? Well…..not so much. My job gets crazy busy around the holidays so I didn’t have as much free time on my schedule as I would have liked to actually go to a salon. In addition to this, I thought about the fact that the type of manicure I wanted could easily cost me $50 and me being the frugal girl I am, I decided that $50 was better spent on something more necessary.

So what was my solution? Cue Empress Tips!

“What is Empress Tips?” you ask. Girl, let me tell you!

Empress Tips is a company that specializes in press on nails. That’s right, I said it! Press. On. Nails. I’m not sure if y’all are aware, but press on nails are making a HUGE comeback. They’re not the press on nails we used to play with as kids. There are companies out there that make nails that will rival the best salon manicures. Empress Tips is one such company. I first got wind of them from an Instagram ad that popped across my timeline a few times. I followed their account and saw that they had a set of rose gold nails. At that moment I knew I HAD to go to their website to check them out. I go to their website and see an array of nail sets, varying in style, shape and color. These nails are absolutely stunning! I found the set I wanted and with a price tag of $16.95 I couldn’t say no to ordering a pair.

Rose gold empress tips

First impressions are lasting impressions!

I received my nails pretty quickly after placing my order, it maybe took about 5 days for them to arrive even with them being delayed because of Christmas. The set came in a cute little box that had lettering to match the color of the nails. Each set of Empress Tips comes with 24 nails of varying sizes, nail glue, a manicure stick and application/removal instructions. The nails were so easy to apply, and even as a first timer I was able to put the set on in about 15 minutes. They have different application instructions depending on how long you want them to last-they claimed to last up to 14 days. Me being me, I wanted to see if they would last a full 2 weeks so I followed the instructions accordingly. My set lasted a solid 10 days. The only reason they didn’t last a full 14 days is because I chose to take them off sooner. I was very impressed with my first set and Empress Tips has long time customer in me!

Empress Tips Rose Gold Short

Empress Tips boasts that their nails are reusable, which makes them very economical. If the color on your nails starts to fade off (like mine did) you are able to polish over them like you would your natural nails. I’m interested to see the difference in how long the color lasts with the solid colors in contrast to the metallic colors like the one I got. I wasn’t bothered by the color fading because it was about 5 days before it started happening and the nails still looked really good to everyone else Removal was pretty easy also. I soaked my hands in warm water as instructed and I was able to pop most of them off afterwards. The ones that were a little more stubborn I was able to pop off after taking a hot shower.

salon manicure alternative-press on nails

I love the flexibility you get from press on nails. If you want your nails to look fancy for a particular occasion you can have them on for just a day or two. If you want the look and longevity of a salon manicure, you can easily get that too. The fact that these nails are a fraction of the cost of salon manicures is the cherry on top of the cake for me personally. I got a ton of compliments on my nails from women AND men, which lets you know these nails are a show stopper. I plan on stocking up and getting all the colors. I will still treat myself to a good salon manicure now and then but press on nails will be a lasting fixture in my beauty routine.

Have you given press on nails a try yet? If so, what brand did you try and how do you like them?

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