Black & White Ruffle Details – Professional Look

Having a not-so-casual Friday but professional outfits don’t have to be boring! See how I added flair and interest in this black and white combo!

Hello Loves! One of my favorite compliments to get at work are, “Why are you so dressed up?” Coming from a casual office space, wearing anything that isn’t jeans and a cardigan is considered dressed up, often I like to bring in a chic skirt and blouse combo to give a little more oomph to my outfit.

Ruffle Skirt, Tassle Blouse, Professional Work Look

Black and white color combos are so simple and professional for the office it’s definitely one of my go-to’s if I have an important meeting. The skirt is a find from Ann Taylor and the first thing I loved is the texture and the ruffle detail on the bottom. While I love a good simple pencil skirt, adding a bit of interest with a ruffle or print is a plus.

Black and White Officewear, Professional, Interview

I have to say that this blouse is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to professional wear! Having the bell sleeve and bow tassel detail is a favorite of mine! It’s such a versatile blouse that’s fun and unique that I can’t wear it enough!Black and White Ruffle Loft Skirt and Tie Blouse

Fall Interview Outfit, Fall Work Wear, Winter Work Wear,

Black and White Ruffle Loft Skirt

Black and White Professional Look

Black and White Interview Outfit, Fall Work Wear, Ruffle Skirt

Who’s ready to walk into the weekend?

xo Sydney

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