Blush and Polka Dot-Summer Office Casual

Having a functional wardrobe means being able to create new looks from old pieces. Today I’m going to show you how to create a fresh summer look for the office with pieces you all have seen before. Read more to see details on the look!

Hello lovelies!

If you all are anything like me you like to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to anything, clothes included. Sydney and I base many of our looks not on new pieces, but a new combination of pieces we’ve had for a while. We’re all about re-imagining old pieces as well as mixing old with new. Today’s look is the essence of that principle. I’ve created a fresh look from pieces that have been in my wardrobe for some time.

blush and polka dot head to toe

This look is a little more muted for a slightly more conservative workplace. It’s simple but still looks great for work. Mixing and matching pieces can pose a challenge but it’s all about trial and error. I typically visualize a look in my head, or lay it out in my bed, then try it on to see if it works. Sometimes my vision doesn’t look so great but more often than not it’s a hit!

polka dot blouse close up

This polka dot blouse is an all time favorite of mine. I can easily put this blouse into rotation year round and it goes well with just about anything. Neutral patterns are a great way to add dimension to your looks and they have maximum versatility.

re-invent your wardrobe

blush and polka dots

These blush cigarette pants are no stranger to my wardrobe either. Blush tends to err toward a spring and summer color but you can pull off wearing blush in the cooler months if you pair it with darker colors. I actually splurged a bit on these pants when I got them. They cost me somewhere between $40-$50 at H & M but honestly, I wish I had bought more. These pants are made of a great material that holds up well in the wash and look flattering on.


When you’re shopping, you want to make sure you look for pieces that can be worn in many ways. I used to fall victim of buying pieces that looked good with one specific item and quickly becoming bored. This is a very frustrating issue to deal with when you have one or two pieces in your wardrobe like this, let alone a closet full. Having pieces that you can always mix and match with the old and new in your wardrobe feels much more gratifying.

blush and polka dot business casual

I hope you all enjoyed this look and my little tidbits on how to mix up your wardrobe! How often do you mix up your old pieces to create a new look? Comment below!

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