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We had a funny yet challenging Saturday a few weeks ago! Jump into the post to see what happened and how we’re going to solve our problem!*This post is a sponsored post in partnership with*

Hello Loves! I had an eye-opening experience recently and it involved myself, Tony, Tony’s little black coupe, and you guessed it, Costco. We recently became members at Costco in order to save money on groceries that we tend to purchase in bulk. We do a fairly good job with making breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday so we use a lot of food. We’ve recently started meal prepping and that has us going through food like crazy so we knew Costco was our best bet. So, one Saturday (what people in their right mind go to Costco on Saturday Morning) we headed to Costco, picked up what we needed, which included two large bins for Christmas decorations, and proceeded back to the parking lot. After getting to the car, piling in the groceries, we found ourselves struggling to get everything in the car. In short, we looked like this:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.38.28 PM
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That was us. We could not for the lives of us pack the bins and grocery in the trunk! I had a very poor attempt to close the trunk (it was a foot short of closing, so not sure what strong muscles I thought I had) and we just could not get it closed. For a second attempt we were BARELY able to squeeze it in the back seat after we folded BOTH chairs down for some wiggle room. Once we were able to pack the car, and ourselves, I turned to Tony and said “We can’t keep this car forever you know” he shook his head in shame and said “I know”.

Now, we’re not in the market anytime soon for a car but as Tony and I grow our lives, when the time comes for a new car, we’re heading to has a great collection of both New & Used cars at any and every price range you need. A car is a big purchase for many people so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. Purchasing a bad car that has mechanical problems or a car that’s over priced can really set you back in the long run. So we’re turning to the trusted when we’re ready for our search.

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I love how the site is so easy to use and you can even compare different cars to learn more about the details and what would work best for you and your family.

Is anyone in the market for a new car? Leave your comments below and tell us what’s on your checklist!

xo Sydney


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