Floral Embellished Blouse-Bold Work Look

Making a statement at work has never been easier with the bold looks that are on trend! Today’s look is all about the embellished blouse and how to style it for the office.

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I’m really excited about today’s look because it’s bold in so many ways yet guaranteed to get you a ton of compliments at the office! As we come full swing into all, I want you all to remember you don’t have to be drab and boring just because the weather is changing. Fall ushers in many bold an beautiful colors that you can play off of with your looks. For this look, I took a little fall color inspo by way of my maroon pants and took it to the next level. What better way to kick your look up a notch (Y’all know an Emril reference when you see one, right?) than with a pattern, print AND embellishment?! I know it sounds a little crazy but follow me down the rabbit hole; you won’t be disappointed.

floral embellished blouse

floral embellished blouse maroon loft pants

I’m very much in love with this top! I’ve been loving the embellished blouse trend but I haven’t seen very many tops that could easily translate to the office. This blouse, however, is perfect! It has a modest neckline, work appropriate fit, and it’s a good length to pair with work pants. My sister recently gifted me with this treasure of a piece but it’s from H&M so I know it was affordable and it will last a while. Here’s an exact dupe from SheIn that’s only $15!

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floral embellished blouse maroon pants

floral ruffle sleeve detail

At first glance, it may seem like a reach to wear an embellished blouse like this to the office. That, is where you’re wrong my friends! The key to pulling off a bold piece like this, is to pair it with something that’s very toned down and simple. This blouse is super embellished: ruffled sleeves, striped pattern AND floral print, exhausting just to think about! You can’t let pieces like this intimidate you, they’re made to showcase how bold and beautiful you are. The floral print in my top has some subtle maroon outlines on the flowers so I pulled that very subtle detail and amplified it with my pants from LOFT. They’re still very understated though, no bells and whistles, just straight forward. The maroon color brings that fall vibe to my look, since the blouse is very bold and bright.

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I’ve become more and more of a fan of solid colored pants recently because you can pair them with a bold or embellished blouse without doing the absolute most. You could absolutely wear this blouse with black pants to play it safe if that’s more your speed. I highly recommend playing around with more colorful bottoms to maintain fresh, vibrant looks. When you have a focal piece like an embellished blouse, it’s possible to allow that piece to carry the weight of your look and still be vibrant.

You all know we’re always nudging you out of your comfort zone when it comes to adding more dimension and color to your wardrobe! Go out on a limb and see how awesome you feel after!

floral ruffle blouse

I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I do! Comment below and let me know if you’d wear a bold blouse like this to work or if you’d be a little hesitant. Don’t be shy, we love to chat with you all!

floral embellished hm blouse

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  1. I love these pants! The color is gorgeous. I’d probably be a little hesitant to wear the top because of the embellishments, but I’ve slowly been forcing myself to get out my comfort zone so who knows! #BLMGirl

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