Leather Wrap Skirt

Pairing a skirt with a dress? HOW?! See how I transformed this dress into a chic blouse for a trendy office look.

Who doesn’t love a little leather? Some people tend to think leather should only be kept for the night time vibes but if you haven’t learned yet, I’m not one to shy away from bringing a little edge into the office. Leather for me is a key winter staple that when brought into the workplace is really a conversation starter. This skirt from The Loft was something I grabbed on sale and I’m so glad I did! It’s a wrap style skirt that almost midi length perfect for those cold winter days (it was -7 yesterday in Chicago). Now of course you can pair this with really any style blouse. I’ve worn it with a turtleneck and a blouse but this time around, I wore it with a dress! (PS. This skirt is under $40 right now!)




Every now and again, I get a little bored of my pieces and when I want to give something a new twist, an easy way to do so is to make your dress serve as a top! I have a shortage on blouses for some reason but having this pussy-bow style dress acting as a blouse was the perfect way to combat my rut. The bright yet muted yellow color is definitely a pick me up for the office as well especially when everyone else is in winter color pallets.

How have you repurposed your clothes and made your wardrobe work for you? Leave your comments below!

xo Sydney




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