Little Harvest Organic Toddler Meals-Review

As a working mom, my life is very busy but I don’t want to compromise the quality of my daughter’s food for lack of time. I came across Little Harvest not long ago and we’ve been trying out some of their fresh, organic meals. Read more about my experience with this Chicago-based company.

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I am back with another #momlife post for you all. Even with being a young professional, my favorite job is being a mom (yes I’m being cliche lol).I knew before my daughter was born that I wanted her to have a healthy and well balanced diet. I exclusively breastfed her from birth to about 6 months when my career started picking up and when it was time to introduce solid foods I was adamant about making her food myself. Prepping MJ’s fruits and veggies myself was the best thing for her but VERY time consuming. When you have a job to get up for early in the morning, daycare, doctor’s appointments, laundry and everything in between, it’s easy to fall off the wagon of making your own baby food.Little harvest summer

Little harvest packs bowl

Fast forward to 2-year old MJ, a smart, sassy little thing who has no problem telling anyone what she does ad does not want. Like many 2 year olds, she is not a fan of vegetables and just recently got into fruits. I’m the mom that has to sneak veggies into her dinner or bargain with her to eat them when in plain sight. One of her favorite foods is oatmeal, so since mornings are especially busy for us I stock up on instant oatmeal and quick oats for breakfast. Not awful but still, there’s more to be desired from a nutritional standpoint.

Enter Little Harvest. Sydney actually passed their info along to me not long ago and after visiting their site I knew I had to give them a try for MJ. I reached out to the owner, Ashley, and told her how much I loved the concept of the company. Little Harvest is essentially a meal delivery service for infants and toddlers. Ashley and her team develop a menu for various meals and snacks along with a pediatric nutritionist. All the meals feature simple, organic ingredients that you can feel good about your child eating (they’re also gluten-free!). The company is based in Chicago and they partner with local farmers to ensure the best quality and freshest taste possible. Best of all, you can customize your meals for the week and have them delivered right to your door! Let me tell you that having these meals delivered was the highlight of my week! I felt so at ease knowing that MJ would have healthy meals that I could prepare quickly.

Little harvest toddler

Little harvest love

The trick to having a picky eater is getting them to try new foods. They insist that they don’t like something unfamiliar even if you know they’ll probably like the taste. I chose breakfast meals because they featured steel cut oats & quinoa which are very similar to the oatmeal MJ loves. I first tried giving her the steel cut oats & apples medley on it’s own….she wasn’t having it. I knew she’d like it if she tasted it because I tasted it & loved it. When that didn’t work I mixed it in with some of the oatmeal she already likes about a 60/40 ratio with mostly Little Harvest food and she devoured it. I quietly celebrated my victory.

Little harvest bowl

The next day I did the same thing with the Little Harvest Bowl which includes quinoa, apples, raisins and carrots. Once again she devoured her breakfast and asked for more! I decided to take a risk and show her what she had eaten. She was eager to eat the rest of her Little Harvest meal and I think that is her favorite flavor by far. Once we got our feet wet she really started to enjoy all the meal options I’d picked for her. I was a little leery with MJ being such a picky eater but now that I’ve got her hooked, I’m glad I made the choice to try these awesome meals! A healthier substitute that saves time for mommy!

little harvest breakfast toddler

little harvest organic meals

Ashley has been a great resource of information about Little Harvest and helping me navigate the website. She was just as excited for us to try out the meals as I was. As a special gift to our readers, she’s offering a discount with your first week of meals. You can get 25% off with code Classicchic to customize a week of organic meals for the little one in your life. The fall menu will be up this weekend and I hear it’s going to be awesome! Everything comes pre-portioned (as photographed) and the box does come refrigerated to keep meals fresh. Support local businesses and give them a try. You can visit their site here and follow them at @littleharvestco .

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