Maroon Culottes & Ann Taylor Pastel Sweater

Another day, another culotte! See my new favorite color combo featuring my favorite trend to wear in the work place!

We talk a lot about trends here over at CCC. From bell sleeves, to culottes, to printed pants and bold flare skirts, we’ve tried styled them all for the office. However, I think my favorite trend has GOT to be (cute B2K)… THE CULOTTE.

Now, I’m the kind of person that gets obsessive over trends that I really enjoy. Turtlenecks have been back and it’s basically the only style top I wear in the winter and it’s no different when it comes to culottes. I could wear them for a month and allow them to replace every single pair of pants I own. From blue to plaid to even jeans, I’ve hopped on this train like it was going to Hogwarts and I’m not getting off any time soon (unless it actually stops at Hogwarts then Hogwarts over Culottes).

I’ve worn this pair before, last fall (with a turtleneck coincidentally) and it’s one of my favorite styles (also seen here, here, AND here). The wide leg and flow-y feel they have really create a great contrast between my leg and the pant.

Pink Sweater, Maroon Culottes, Outfit

Ann Taylor, Pink Sweater.jpg

I love the almost skirt illusion it gives when your legs are together and not to mention the color is gorgeous. This pair cost me around $30 from BooHoo (similar option here! and below) and it’s already paid off it’s ROI.Maroon Culottes, Pink Sweater

Ann Taylor Bell Sleeve

The sweater on the other hand is a bell sleeve style top from Ann Taylor. It’s in a petite (which was a whoops on my end) but it works out because at work sometimes this style of sleeve can get in the way so having it an inch or so shorter serves more function. I’ve really been feeling this color combo as of recently with the pastel and maroon. I definitely have some more styles to wear featuring the two!Pink Sweater, Maroon Culottes

Maroon Culottes, Pink SweatersAs for my show choice, I went with a comfortable yet stylish block heel sandal from Ann Taylor. I scored them on sale for around $60 (linked similar, and lesser, options below!) and they are one of my most comfortable pair of shoes. They’re stable and look great for Happy Hour after work!

What are some of your favorite trends to wear this year? Bell sleeves, embellishments, culottes? Leave your comments below!

xo Sydney

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