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Bringing you the second installment of the One Blazer, Three Ways today to get you through Hump Day and get you out of that bean bag chair you’re sitting in at your creative office space.

Hello Loves! Happy Hump Day and welcome back! If you’re following the series, you saw that Monday we were presentation ready in this blazer and a sleek ivory skirt. Today I’m bringing you a look that looks great in the office and comfortable enough to win a ping pong game during lunch. For anyone who’s working at a unique office space void of cubicles, this one’s for you!

J.Crew Pink Blazer, Work Wear, Professional Outfit

White Jumpsiut,Pink Blazer, Work Wear

I loved the pleating in the front of the jumpsuit and of course the pockets. Coming in under $40, it’s a soft crepe material and flows really well. It’s not extremely structured but if your office has a slide to get to the lobby, I’m sure it’s ok in that case.

White Jumpsiut,Pink Blazer, Work Wear, Business Creative Outfit

How to Wear a Blazer to Work, Work Blazers, Work jackets

White Jumpsiut,Pink Blazer, Work Wear, Business Creative Outfit, J.Crew

White Jumpsiut,Pink Blazer, Work Wear, Business Creative Outfit, J.Crew, BooHoo

The blazer works in this look because I’ve kept the color scheme simple (again) and really let the blazer speak for itself. If you’re ever confused about what color to pair something with, go with a neutral especially if you’re concerned with being too bold. Keep things clean and simple and you’ll be good!


How to Wear a Blazer to Work, Work Blazers

How to Wear a Blazer to Work, Work Blazers, 3

Cute right? I’m normally not a huge fan of jumpsuits since it’s tough to find one that works for work and play (and they fit weird sometimes) but this one is definitely a winner! It’s comfortable, easy to wear, and the fit is great. If you’re heading for the jumpsuit section for something to wear at work, go with a wider pant. The skinny pant is cute too but it can sometimes give the illusion of a catsuit and jumpsuits and catsuits are pretty much the same thing but are to be worn to completely different places. For myself at work, I tend to wear looser items that fit well and lay flat, not tight. I’m not one to go for the skin tight look at work and neither should you. I actually went a size up in this jumpsuit to stop it from gathering at my thighs and that’s a-ok!

Loving it? Stay tuned for the final look this Friday! I wonder where we’re wearing it to next?

See my picks below to copy this look!

*That pastel blue jumpsuit is gorgeous and comes in Ivory ;)*

xo Sydney

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