Pre-Fall Color Palette-Neutral and Cool Tones

Summer is creeping away from us slowly but surely. To usher in fall, we’re pulling out colors to match the season and the weather. Neutrals and cool tones are a great combo pre-fall and deep into the season.

Hello lovelies!

I just got back from a nice vacation in Las Vegas (take me back!) and I came home to cooler temps and everyone prepping for fall. I mean, fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd but of course everyone is ready to pull out their boots, sweaters….and those God forsaken pumpkin spice lattes *eyeroll*. In an effort to delay fall as much as I can I decided to show you all an easy, pre-fall look. The neutral and cool tones featured in this look say you’re just about ready for the change of seasons without pulling going overboard with the fall layers.

neutral work look

neutral camel pants forever 21

I love the ease of a fall color palette. All you have to do is start with a variation of a brown tone (camel, khaki, etc.) and build on that with either your favorite jewel or cool tones. I chose these camel colored pants because it’s a shade that’s light enough to pay homage to summer but can be fall worthy when you build your look. I actually wear these pants from spring until fall and they’re versatile enough to work with just about any color I pair with them.

I purchased these pants from Forever 21 a few years ago and they’ve held up very well over the years. They’re also made of a nice fabric that’s thick enough to withstand the chilly winds of Chicago. These are my favorite neutral pants in my wardrobe by far!

navy top and camel pants

Now that I have my neutral base, it’s time to add more color to my look. I reached for this asymmetric navy peplum top. I personally really enjoy the combination of a light neutral tone with a deep cool tone like navy blue. If you like combos like this too you can also opt for hunter green or a dark grey. These are great fall colors and adding them to a light neutral leaves a little wiggle room during the pre-fall season.

asymetric peplum top


asymetric peplum top 2


Believe it or not this top was in my wardrobe a a VERY long time before I wore it. This is one of those difficult pieces we warn you all against buying simply because it catches your eye. I broke my own rule with this one because I thought it was so cute and fun. The asymmetric detail is a nice focal point and peplum is typically easy to style but this top posed a challenge. After trying and failing with many looks, I finally decided less was more and began pairing it with simple skirts and pants. If you’re going to purchase a top with an interesting shape or cute, you’re best served pairing it with bottoms that have straight lines. Anything more could potentially compete too much and clash with the focal piece.

leopard print flats

As you all probably know, I don’t wear heels to work every day. For the days that I opt for flats instead, I like to have a variety of flats with some pizzazz. Believe it or not, leopard print is a neutral, and a very fun one at that! You can put a little leopard print with just about anything to kick up a simple look like this one. These are another ShoeDazzle find and I believe I caught them on sale, less than the regular $40 price tag.

neutral work look camel pants navy top

I hope you all enjoyed this look and my tips on creating a flattering pre-fall color palette for your looks! Let’s hold onto summer just a little bit longer, okay? Comment below with your favorite fall colors to wear!

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Fall Color Palette-Neutral and Cool Tones

  1. Just found your blog, Maya and it’s fantastic. All of your outfits are awesome and I can’t wait to see what you will come up with the next. For this current out, I really love the mix of colors and patterns. Something, I would never think to pair it myself, but you make it work. Also, those flats are on fleek, Maya! Thank you for sharing!

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