The Prints You Need for Spring and Summer

We love adding prints to our looks whether it’s for work or play. Prints add depth to your looks and they’re a focal piece that will certainly turn heads. Here are the prints you need to have in your wardrobe for the spring and summer months.

Hello Lovelies!

You all know Sydney and I are fans of prints; be it printed blouses, skirts or pants, we love prints and patterns to jazz up what could be a boring work look. If you’re not big on prints or this is new territory for you, I’m going to outline a few prints that are must haves for the spring and summer months.  Prints can be intimidating to some if they look too bold or busy. Never fear, I’ve got some styling tips to go along with these must have prints as well in case you get stuck. The more you play around with printed pieces, the more comfortable you will feel with them.


Floral prints are pretty much the heart and soul of spring. No matter what new trends have come into play, floral prints will always go hand in hand with spring. Real flowers are blooming everywhere so it’s only right that our clothing reflect that beauty. Since floral prints will always be associated with spring, you can buy a floral printed piece today and will most likely still be able to wear it 5 years from now. That’s the kind of ROI you want on your pieces.

Styling tip: Floral dresses are a great way to jump into wearing this print. You can choose the silhouette that best suits your body and build from there. Adding a solid colored blazer or sweater over your dress make it office friendly and can break up the print for you if you feel it’s too loud.


Watercolor prints have been around for some time but this season they’re taking center stage. We love this print for spring and summer because watercolor prints add a unique and colorful touch to your looks. There’s something about the hand painted look of this print that makes each piece look like they’re one of a kind. A watercolor skirt or blazer are real show stoppers and can be worn from 9-5 and when you’re off the clock!

Styling tip: Pair a watercolor printed blazer with a solid dress to create a luxe business casual look. You can also add a watercolor printed blouse under a plain black suit to make it pop!

Polka Dots

Now polka dots are bae for me. I’m pretty much in love with polka dot printed anything and you usually don’t have to ask me twice to buy it! Polka dots give off a nice vintage vibe, which I like a lot. You can serve subtle 50’s pinup vibes with a cute polka dot dress. Polka dot prints come in so many different color combos you can really wear them year round depending on how you style them. Polka dots are very fresh and clothing items that sport this print are usually light and breezy, which is what makes this a great print for spring and summer.

Red and polka dot prints

Styling tip: Break away from the norm of black and white polka dots. Try your hand at brighter colors for the season. Also, smaller polka dot prints tend to be the most flattering especially for those intimidated by this print. 

(Vertical) Stripes

Stripes are a classic print that will never go out of style! Now the reason vertical stripes are a must have for spring is because they’re the base of  many of the spring trends and they’re almost always figure flattering. Horizontal stripes can be very tricky to style because if it’s not the perfect pattern layout you can wind up looking wide. I was a victim to this a few years back when I saw pictures of myself in a dress with horizontal stripes and I looked like a complete box. NEVER AGAIN!  Ever since then I’ve leaned more toward vertical stripes. Pinstripes and searsucker prints are two ways you can wear your vertical stripes this spring and summer. Subtle striped prints are great for work pants and skirts while you can go with a bolder striped patterned blouse.

Styling tip: A wrap blouse with a vertical striped pattern looks good on just about every shape. The stripes paired with the wrap silhouette  really cinches the waist & gives you that hourglass shape.

All of these prints are fairly simple but that makes them easy to style and the wow factor is still there. If you have these prints in your wardrobe you’re sure to get plenty of wear out of them and they can become staple pieces in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Even something as small as a printed shoe or handbag makes a great focal piece for your looks.

Until next time!


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