How to Style Your Winter Coat

A winter coat is a must have if you’re living in the Midwest like us! However, winter coats don’t have to be synonymous with frumpy layers. Read this post to learn how to style your winter coat -whenever possible- and elevate a simply classic work look.

Hello Lovelies!

February is here and our blog is officially FOUR YEARS OLD!!! Oh. Em. Gee. I can’t believe it! What better way to spend our 4th blogiversary than to serve you a nice look? When the temperature is up and down like it has been in Chicago recently, you have the opportunity to play around with your outerwear a little more. I was gifted this amazing Express coat by my sister (I promise I’ll try to find a link for it!) and it’s been going pretty strong with me all winter.

grey winter coat

Coat | Top | Skirt | Boots

I’m typically buttoned up in this coat, clad with my infinity scarf, gloves, and hat to combat the frigid weather. Recently, we’ve been getting milder days every so often and I like to show off the versatility of this coat on those days. The coat sports an oversize collar which snaps closed for additional warmth and looks great folded down. Styling a winter coat like this involves one simple trick: drape the coat over your shoulders instead of wearing it like normal. Sydney actually put me on to this trick some years ago and it’s a game changer. Draping a coat over your shoulders instantly elevates your look, whether it’s corporate or casual. A winter coat draped nicely over the shoulders screams fash-un and gives off some nice NYFW vibes.

winter work look

winter coat step down

As you can see, you can drape your coat over one shoulder or two and it still looks very sophisticated. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to like for my outerwear to be part of my look as often as possible. Eight year old Maya didn’t quite understand why her mom hand about 30 coats but 26 year old Maya sees the vision! Your coat can actually complete your look without you trying too hard. My outfit head to toe probably cost less than $50. I remember getting this black pencil skirt from Forever21 on sale and the polo neck top is from the same store as part of a layering set. As you all know, I love getting my shoes from ShoeDazzle and these block heel boots have been my go to since October. My statement necklace, also a sale piece, is from H & M.

All of these pieces were inexpensive but by styling my winter coat with the look, you would think I spent much more on my outfit. Proof that you can look expensive on a dime! Even if you splurge on a winter coat, it’s truly an investment when you can actually style it with your outfits and get as much wear out of it as possible.

winter coat express

winter coat pencil skirt turtleneck

winter coat blush turtleneck

I get about a thousand compliments a day on this coat and it’s one of my favorite pieces currently. Shout out to my sister for this one because it’s a gem. If you’re looking to get more out of your outerwear, just remember, it’s as simple as draping a coat over your shoulders to create a high-end aesthetic.

Have you used this style trick to enhance your looks? Let me know in the comments!

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