Tailored Culottes and Beaded Blazers

Blazers are an office must have, but how can you spice them up? Read more below to see how I styled an embroidered blazer for the office!

Hello Loves! I must admit, I have a thing for blazers. And not like normal work blazers. But bright, bold, patterned blazers. I am always immediately drawn to them whenever I find myself shopping. This particular one is from France (Oui Oui!) and I got it almost 4 years ago today. With embroidered details in shades of blue, this is a perfect summer blazer for the young  professional who likes to have a little fun!

Embroidered Blazer, Tailored Culottes, 7

This blazer was a find from Mango in Paris 4 years ago today! As a graduation present, my parents sent myself and my Mom to Paris and London for a post graduation travel celebration and it’s one of my favorite memories!

I remember seeing this blazer and thinking that it was the perfect addition to my wardrobe as I knew the kind of outfits I wanted to wear to the office. Classic, but with a little twist. Embroidered Blazer, Tailored Culottes, 6

The blazer itself is a light beige color with a soft graphic patterned texture. The main attraction though is the embroidered detail on the shoulders in various shades of blue and grey.

Embroidered Blazer, Tailored Culottes, 3

As you know, I’m very much into culottes but have never purchased a more tailored pair and when I saw these on sale at Old Navy for $6, I knew I had to have them!Embroidered Blazer, Tailored Culottes, 5

Seeing them in the photo only helps me realized how chic and tailored they really are! It’s a great summer pant if you’re over ankle skinnies and want to change things up a bit. Embroidered Blazer, Tailored Culottes, 2

Thoughts? I can’t wait to share more of these looks with you especially for summer! I’ve linked similar pieces below!

xo Sydney

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