Yellow Hunter Boot & Floral Dress

The perfect look featuring my favorite Yellow Hunter Boots to get you through this rainy Spring! Read more below!

Happy Monday Followers! I hope everyone had a great weekend and got some time to relax and refresh in order to get ready for this week! I’ve realized that I’m always one to talk about weather and while small talk is the worst, DID YOU SEE CHICAGO WEATHER ON SATURDAY?! It seriously went from snow, to sleet, to rain, to sun, to windy with sun, windy without sun, then more snow! We consistently get some weird weather so this look is perfect for looking your best and being weather ready!

Yellow Hunter Boots - Floral Dress - 6

I bought the dress a while back and I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect shape for spring and I can wear it on a bunch of different locations! Whether it’s on a date, to work, or just running errands, it’s comfortable yet stylish enough to switch it up!

Yellow Hunter Boots - Floral Dress - 7

I got my boots for Christmas a year or two ago but I had had my eyes on them for a while so when I opened the box I was absolutely ecstatic! my favorite color is yellow so while I knew I might be limited to matching with a lot of outfits, I was all for a pop of color.

[ezcol_1half]Yellow Hunter Boots - Floral Dress - 8[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]DSC_0492[/ezcol_1half_end]

I paired the outfit with a turquoise necklace and bracelet from J. Crew. I was able to catch the bracelet on sale and it’s been the perfect accessory. I’m not one to wear bracelets a lot but this one is a perfect match!

Yellow Hunter Boots - Floral Dress - 2

As I’ve mentioned I’m all about versatility so this jacket was a great buy. I bought it from Express a while ago but the cool this is it came with a fur lining which I get a lot of wear from in the fall and winter.

Yellow Hunter Boots - Floral Dress - 4

Yellow Hunter Boots - Floral Dress - 5

I hope you all enjoyed the look! Be sure to snag your Yellow Hunter Boots now and rock them your way! Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to enter to win the cutest Henri Bendel clutch!

xo Sydney

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